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Abandoned Cart Emails

📬Email 1: Trigger – 1 hour after an abandoned cart


Hey [first_name] You Left Something In Your Cart…


Don’t worry, we saved it for you so you can just bounce straight back to it and finish your order…


Remember, Join Us Today and Get a 20% Discount! Use discount code ‘XXX’ at checkout




Thanks, Name


📬Email 2: Trigger – 1 day after an abandoned cart

Hey [first_name] You forgot about your new training partner…


It’s way easier to work out when you have motivation and training goodies every month…


Come on, one last rep to ‘checkout’ and start killing your fitness goals! You can do it! We even saved your order and offer to help you.


Thanks, Name

P.S. Your cart and offer will expire in 2 days as we can’t hold it forever


📬Email 3: Trigger – 3 days after an abandoned cart


We’re Giving You a Deal… Here Is 25% Off!

We saw that you still have a product left in your cart that you never finished purchasing. Before we close your cart and the 20% discount we’re giving you a final offer of 25%. We can’t keep it open for long so you have 24 hours before it expires.

Use the discount code below when you jump back to your checkout…




Thanks, Signoff


P.s. If you are having any technical issues checking out, email us at


📬Email 4: Trigger – 5 days after an abandoned cart


[first_name] Your 25% Discount Offer Ends Today!


Don’t worry, it happens to us too! You signed up to a xxx account but didn’t finish your purchase, so here’s what to do next:


Head over to your cart by clicking here, enter your discount code ‘XXX’ for 25% off, and submit your order.


Remember, your coupon expires today so be sure to act quickly! Just click below to complete your order.


<Complete Your Order>

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