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The pre-headline is the straight to the point, sentence that comes before the main headline on your landing page. In the past, it was usually highlighted in eye-popping yellow or red and began with “ATTENTION:” all in caps.

Pre-headlines have a dual purpose. The first is to identify and pre-qualify the target audience as the right readers, who have the particular problem or need you mention. It tells the reader, if you belong to this group, this message is for you…so pay attention. It might look something like this:


Attention Business Owners! If You’re Struggling with Low Click Through Rates with Your Emails, This Could Be the Reason…




Fellow Email Marker, Are Low Click Through Rates a Getting You Down? Keep Reading to Find the Solution…


Or even…


Struggling with Low Email Click Through Rates? The Problem May be in the Execution…


Secondly, the pre-head needs to reassure your audience that the information that follows is important to them. That they do not need to click away without reading it because the solution is here.


Pre-heads can also be used in emails to enhance the subject. Most mobile devices and many email service providers allow users to get a glimpse or preview of an email without having to open it. This is where the pre-head comes into play. Like with landing pages, it helps prequalify readers and assists your subject lines in compelling subscribers to open your email.


It gives you the ability to go more in-depth with your subject line without compromising its length. With this pre-head you can entice your readers with some type of limited offer – a discount, a weekend-only special, a freebie.


These pre-headlines can be customized and use in landing pages, sales pages, emails, and more.


Struggling with ____________? The reason _________ (Struggling with frequent acne outbreaks? The reason may shock you…)

Are you worried about __________

Are you or your loved one suffering from __________

Are you tired of __________ and ready for a change?

Are you suffering with _______ and looking for a solution?

Isn’t it time for you to _________ (turn your problem into a solution or goal)

Attention __________ of _________ (e.g. parents of an autistic child)

Would you like to ______________ without __________ (e.g. be 10 pounds lighter without dieting)

Attention _____!

Are you paying high dollar for __________ with little results?

Are you sick of ______________ that nobody ____________? (writing blog posts that nobody reads)

If you’re ____________, __________ could be sabotaging your __________. But today, we reveal how to…

Urgent message for _____________! (parents raising a child with ADHD)

Tired of spending endless hours _____________?

Are you letting _____ control your __________? (debt control your life)

If you’re struggling with _____________, this could be the reason…

Who else wants to_______________?

Fellow ____________ are ________________ getting you down? Keep reading for the solution…

Tired of______________ and ready for a change?

New to ______________?  Keep reading to learn from my mistakes…

Confused about _______ and how to overcome it? Read on.

Disappointed with __________ that don’t work? Just read on.

Tired of promises of __________ that leave you feeling __________?

Ever wondered why ______________ are more ______ than others?

Want to learn more about __________ and get started immediately?

Is your team _______________?

Have you ever ___________ but _________? (purchased PLR but never used it) Pay attention to what’s below.

Are you suffering from _________? Why? The solution is so easy….

Do you have a burning desire to_____________ and _____________?

Are you ready to __________ right now?

Have you ever wondered if there’s an easier way to ____________?

Would you like to __________?

Interested in ________ but don’t know where to start?

_________ (parent, business owner, etc.), what would you say if I told you _____________

________? Fast _____ fixes for __________ (Blotchy patches on your face? Quick beauty fixes for uneven skin.)

____ (Target person)! Here’s your chance to____________

Are you in a constant struggle for___________? Want to learn why?

Looking for a unique way to __________?

Troubled over___________? ___________ will show you how.

Are you determined to___________? You’ve reached the right place….

Looking for a way to __________? Learn the secret now.

Interested in discovering how to___________ just by ___________?

Are you paying too much for_________?

Ever wish you could ____________? You can!

Been dreaming of ___________________? You’ll love this!

Have you ever said ______________? You actually can!

Ever thought about ________________? Here’s your chance.

Do you want to learn ____________ the right way?

Are you willing to do _________________ to get rid of ___________? (spend just 10 minutes a day to get rid of unsightly wrinkles)

Want to learn how to start _________ with ________? (start a business with only $100)

Did you know you can _____________ in the next ________ (learn the top 5 copywriting secrets in the next hour)

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