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Emails Examples – High Ticket

HEADLINE: How to Write Sales Text That Works for a Landing Page


If you’re planning on selling a big ticket item, then chances are that your entire income model is dependent on those sales. A big ticket item can sell for anything from $99 up to $2,000 or even $20,000. For most of us that means enough money to live off for the following week, month or even year!


The bottom line? You need to do everything you can to make these big ticket items sell and one of the very best ways to do that is by creating a landing page and adding the right type of persuasive text to encourage sales. This is one page that is entirely dedicated to making a sale and that has no other function. Here’s how you go about wording it:


Narrative Structure


The first tip is to consider using a narrative structure. You want to position yourself as a figure of authority, so don’t make your narrative one about how you used to be broke/fat (this is a good option for cheaper products). Rather, just talk about your experiences and how you came up with this great idea for a course. That way, your writing will be much more compelling and engaging and people will want to keep reading.


The Value Proposition


During your text, always focus a lot on your value proposition. A value proposition is essentially the thing that you’re offering your readers/customers. If you’re selling an ebook, then the value proposition is not the text that makes up the ebook and it is not the PDF file that you are saving the ebook as. Rather, it is what that ebook can do for your customers and how it can change their lives. Focus on this and really try to understand the emotional appeal of what you’re selling.




AIDA is a popular structure used in many sales pitches. The idea is to acknowledge that the buyer has never heard of you or your product before and to take them from being understandably dubious to a keen buyer. It stands for “Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action”.


Social Proof and Community


Finally, never underestimate the power of social proof, social influence or community. People love to feel that they’re a part of something and that they’re part of a movement. They also often look to others for cues that will guide their own behavior.


Make sure that your product is the exciting and exclusive offer that all the most in-the-know people are talking about.






HEADLINE: How to Build Trust and Authority


Take a look at some of the best big ticket items being sold by internet marketers and you’ll notice that the price can vary greatly. You can spend several thousand dollars for a weekend with someone like Tony Robins, or you can spend less than that for a whole week workshop. A consultation with one blogger might cost you $99 for one hour but a short lunch with Elliot Hulse will set you back £1K!


Clearly time isn’t the only factor that matters Ė so what is it that is really determining the pricing of these products?


The answer is simple: it’s the individual who is providing the information. If you are someone who has a ton of experience and qualifications, then you can charge a huge amount of money for your services. Conversely though, if you’re someone that no one has heard of and you have no qualifications under your belt, then you’ll have to charge a lot less.


This should be interesting for anyone looking to make a lot of money as it basically means that all you have to do to start charging big bucks, is to convince people that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re worth those big bucks. So how do you do that?




One way you can start charging a lot more money is to promote yourself and to become better known within your niche. Elliot Hulse is hardly a household name but he is well-known among fitness enthusiasts due to his appearance on YouTube.


Likewise, Tony Robbins is a household name and he can charge huge amounts as a result.


To get yourself to something approaching this level, you can run your own YouTube channel/blog for instance and you should also consider appearing in interviews.


Make sure that you really believe in your own hype. Present yourself as someone who is work $1,000 an hour and people will be more likely to believe it.


Plumb Your CV


You can almost think of your sales page as being like a CV. The objective for you here is to show off your qualifications, experience and anything else that might make you seem credible. Think about the highlights of your career and anything people will know about. Think of numbers (did you increase your company’s profit by X amount?) and think about claims to fame Ė many people talk about their appearances on TED for instance. You might also want to put down qualifications.


Finally, consider linking yourself to other successful people. Tai Lopez’s sales page includes an image of people like Arnie, Steve Jobs and Einstein. He had nothing to do with their success but the unconscious link is clear!






HEADLINE: How to Sell a Dream – Understanding the Value Proposition


If you’re going to be charging a large amount of money for a big ticket item, then you need to make sure that what you’re selling is really worth that amount of money. What’s more, you need to ensure that your potential buyers believe that it is worth that amount of money.


And this means that what you’re selling essentially needs to change lives.


That sounds like a tall order but it’s something you can do – you just need to know how.


Look at it this way. No one is likely to spend $2,000 on an ebook or about fishing, about football or about how to tidy their home. This is the kind of thing that they might be happy to spend $50 on at most – but it just isn’t worth more than that.


On the other hand though, selling something that promises to make a person rich, that can help them to find love, or that can help them get the body of a god or goddess – that is something they will happily spend $2,000 on.


What’s the Difference?


The strange thing to understand here is that the product can be the exact same. It can have the same number of words, the same number of hours but it’s the topic that allows you to charge that much more.


What this is really all about is what is known as the “value proposition” and understanding this is the key to selling big ticket. What a value proposition basically is, is a promise to your audience. This is how you’re going to change their lives and it’s what your book can do to make things easier and happier for them.


In the case of your make-money ebook that value proposition is that you can make them rich and thereby remove all of their money stresses. On the other hand, if your book is about dating, then the value proposition is that you can help them to find happiness/romance/sex.


From here, you now need to focus on that value proposition in all your marketing and to really work on the emotional drive that will hopefully help you to make sales. Talk about how sad it is to feel alone on Valentine’s Day, or how hard it is looking in the mirror and not liking your body.


Then get them to imagine what it would be like to be in a loving relationship or to have an amazing body. Essentially you’re selling a dream – and dreams are priceless!






HEADLINE: How to Create High Quality Written Content


When selling high ticket items, it’s absolutely paramount that what you’re selling should be the very top quality. Not only will this be apparent in your marketing but it will also ensure that you don’t get people asking for refunds or bad-mouthing your product.


Your aim is to get as many positive testimonials as you can. Not only will this help you sell more copies but it will give you the confidence in your product that you need to carry on. That and it is a horrible feeling to think that you’re selling something that isn’t worth the money you’re charging.


So how do you go about making sure your product is high quality? That all depends on what type of product you’re creating. If you’re creating a written product such as an email course or an ebook, then the specifics are going to be very different from if you’re selling a seminar, a workshop or an online video course.


Here are some tips that will help you to ensure the written aspect is as high quality as possible.


Learn to Write


The actual content of what you’re writing needs to seem professional and high quality. You don’t need to be Shakespeare but you can’t have a book that is filled with typos and mistakes. Make sure that what you write is proof read at least a few times and spend some time learning how to structure sentences etc.


Include Exclusive Ideas


No one wants to pay $2,000 for an ebook that just regurgitates information you found online. You need to ensure that what you’re selling is exclusive content and exclusive ideas that they can’t find anywhere else. This means you need to bring something new to the table such as an idea or technique no one else has thought of. If that means surveying experts, so be it!




Also highly important of course is the way that you’re going to format your content. What’s crucial is that your copy look professional and that means it needs to use the right fonts, it needs to be adorned with high quality images and it needs to be well laid-out with a table of contents, page numbers etc.


You can do a lot of this using Word. Get the latest version and you can use the “Styles” box to use attractive headers etc. and “References” to auto-generate a table of contents based on those headings.






HEADLINE: How to Create High Quality Video for Your Course


If you’re creating a training course or program to sell as a high ticket item, then there is a very good chance that you’ll be including at least some video. Customers like receiving video in these packages because it allows you to convey a lot of information very quickly, it looks professional and it’s engaging and personal.


The only problem? Creating high quality video isn’t easy if you don’t know how. Read on and we’ll look at how you can create video that’s worthy of a high $2,000 price tag!


Use the Best Equipment


The first and easiest way to ensure that your videos are high quality is to use high quality recording equipment. That means you’ll need a high quality camera first and foremost and this should be at least capable of recording 1080p. Ideally, look for something that can record 4K and 60fps.


If you can’t afford to invest that much in your recording equipment though, then don’t worry! One way to get around this problem is simply to ask a friend or someone else that you know to borrow their camera!


Sound quality is equally important. To get this right, you need to record from something other than the built-in mic in the camera. A good example is to use a lapel mic – which is actually very cheap. Finally, edit it all together using high quality software like Adobe Premier.




Also highly important is lighting. In fact, this is in some ways more important than the video equipment! What you want is for your videos to look crisp and bright and the best way to accomplish that is by using a light box or similar. Failing that, you can rely on natural light from the windows but this is much less reliable.


Choose a Set


If you want to come across as professional, then it isn’t good enough to record out of your Mum’s living room. You need a set and this can either be a plain white wall, a greenroom (you can find these at some libraries) or a well laid-out backdrop you’ve created. Think about the topic of your video – if you’re making a fitness course then a gym is find as long as you use macro mode to blur out the people in the background.


Use Extra Materials


Finally, add the finishing touches by using bottom thirds, a video opener, music etc. This can go a long way to creating that professional sheen!






HEADLINE: How to Sell Using a Sales Funnel


If you want to sell a high ticket product, then you need to work for it. Think about what you’re asking here: not only is someone going to be spending a lot of money to buy something from you but they’re also doing it while knowing nothing about you. They aren’t even meeting you in person which means you could be completely pulling the wool over their eyes for all they know!


The question you need to ask yourself is how you can go from being a complete stranger, to someone that they trust enough to give $2,000! One way of accomplishing this is with what’s known as a “sales funnel”. Let’s see what that means.


What is a Sales Funnel?


Essentially, a sales funnel is a series of “steps” that you lead a new visitor through in order to get them to buy from you. The saying goes that it takes five “touches” for someone to trust a stranger online enough to spend a lot of money on their product, so your funnel is going to represent those five steps.


This might look like follows:


  • Website
  • Mailing list
  • Free web seminar
  • Affordable product
  • Big ticket product


At each stage in this process you are building more trust with your potential buyer, you are getting them more involved and you are making it easier for them to pull the trigger on a big product.


So why does this work?


Why Sales Funnels Work


The first step is your website. This is entirely passive and free. That is to say that someone can find it on their own, read what you have to say and then leave. In doing so though, they are getting introduced to your brand and they are getting a free taster of the kind of value you’re capable of delivering. Hopefully, they’ll like this enough that they’ll want to read more from you in future and they’ll sign up to your mailing list.


This then gives you a direct line of contact. Your audience can now get emails from you and will feel like an active part of your community.


Next, you can offer them a free seminar. It’s free and exciting so they’ll probably visit but in doing so they are now actively participating with your brand. Again, this is an additional “step” on top of what you were doing before and they are now more involved. This is also where you promote your cheap product.


The cheap product then gets them used to buying from you and helps build trust in your sales process. The result? They’re now primed and ready to buy that big ticket item!






HEADLINE: Why You Should Consider Using Periscope for Your Seminars


Web seminars are an important part of any big ticket business model. Seminars are of course interactive talks that you can give and by doing these online, you’re able to reach hundreds or even thousands of people from the comfort of your home.


Web seminars can be a part of a high ticket business model in two ways. On the one hand, these can be used as part of your sales funnel and by convincing people to watch your seminar, you can make them an active participant in your brand and much more likely to buy from you in future.


At the same time though, a seminar can also be a powerful tool for actually creating that product. People are used to paying a lot of money for online courses and may even pay hundreds of thousands of dollars if there’s a qualification at the end. A seminar is a great way to deliver this that’s interactive.


But rather than using Google Hangouts or specific seminar software, how about using live streaming apps like Periscope? Read on to learn more.


What is Periscope?


Periscope is a live streaming app that was introduced in March 2015 and which was highly popular as soon as it did receiving a lot of media hype. At the time it was competing with another streaming app “Meerkat” though at the moment it seems to be in the lead.


The idea of these apps is that anyone can film themselves on their phone and broadcast the feed live around the globe. People can tune in to watch anywhere and can also like and comment on the videos live.


And this is where the seminar comes in. This provides a very convenient and personal way for you to deliver talks and to interact with your viewers.


Another similar tool you can use for this is something called Blab. Blab is a video conferencing app mixed with live streaming and it allows you to put people “in the hot seat” and to interview them live during your seminar. You can have up to four people chatting at once which can make your audience feel very involved indeed.


But what’s best about these platforms is just how new and exciting they are right now. If you use live streaming software then you demonstrate yourself to be right on the cutting edge and you are inviting your audience to join you there!






HEADLINE: Creating a “Done for You Business” for Maximum Profit


If you want to maximize your profits online, then your eventual aim should be to sell a big ticket (or “high ticket”) item. This is something that you’re going to charge $99-$20,000 and above for and that needs to be incredibly high quality and very appealing to your audience to justify that price.


This is where a lot of people struggle and it’s why even some of the most successful online marketers never get to this point. How can they possibly offer this kind of value from a single product?


There are a number of different answers to this question. One option is to provide personal one-on-one time, which is something you can always charge a lot for.


Another option is to sell a course. Again, people are used to paying a lot for courses and especially if it can help their career.


A third option though is to sell an entire “ready made” business. This means that you’re selling all the pieces that someone needs to start earning money online and you’re providing the entire “cookie cutter” business model for them to start earning money from. Not only does this involve a lot of individual materials but it also means that you’re selling something that should in theory be an investment and pay for itself.


What This Looks Like


The main way to sell a ready made business is to sell a sales funnel, a digital product and perhaps a blog template. This way, the buyer can start uploading content to the blog, they can upload your sales page and they can start making money from the sales. There’s nothing more they need to do themselves and they are earning right away!


Of course you also need to be careful to avoid duplicate content. Fortunately, duplicate content is not an issue if what you’re creating isn’t going to be published online. So ebooks, email courses and even videos are fine to be used time and again.


Likewise, duplicate content for a blog is fine if the method of marketing you’re recommending involves links from social media rather than Google.


A typical package then might include:


  • A business guide on how to make everything work
  • A digital product (or maybe even several)
  • A series of blog posts
  • A sales page
  • A sales funnel, including free report
  • Email swipes
  • A list of useful tools
  • A list of contacts/marketing opportunities


This can then sell for $2,000+ because in theory, it will help the buyer to earn much more than that in the long run!






HEADLINE: Why You Should Start Selling a High Ticket Product Today


If you’re an internet marketer who makes money online, then your eventual goal should always be to try and sell a high ticket product. This is the single most effective way to monetize a website and is also a fantastic way to build your own brand and reputation.


So what is a high ticket product? Simple: this is something that you’re going to charge a lot of money for. There’s no strict definition of what a high ticket price is but the minimum is probably around $99 whereas you can sell for $2,000, $10,000 or even $100,000 depending on the nature of the item and your own status.


Why High Ticket is the Way


The obvious advantage of a high ticket item is that you can make a lot more profit from far fewer sales. Rather than earning $30 for an ebook, you might now earn enough to live on for a week, month or even a year by selling this one, high quality product.


At the same time, high ticket items make you seem more important and they help you to strengthen your brand. When you price your informational product, you are simultaneously valuing yourself. If you are willing to sell your time for $10 an hour, then people will think you’re small time. If you’re charging $1,000 though? Then you must be the real deal.


There are more benefits too. One is that having fewer customers means that you have less managing to do, fewer emails to answer and fewer complaints. Another is that high ticket customers actually tend to be the best type of customers who have the fewer complaints in the first place!


And in this situation, you can now start selling a product that you really believe in and that really delivers quality and value. At the same time, you can care for each of your customers and give them the time and attention they deserve.


How to Get Started


The problem is that a lot of people don’t think that they’re able to provide anything worth a high ticket asking price and so they’re too shy to start asking for that much money.


This is of course not the case. There are plenty of things you can sell that will be worth $2,000 and more – the key is just to understand why people are willing to pay that kind of money and to find something unique and worthwhile that you are able to bring to the table.






HEADLINE: High Ticket Products – The Social Aspect


Take a look at a large number of different high ticket products for sale online and what you’ll find is that there’s a very strong and prominent social aspect.


This can manifest in many ways. Some high ticket products are literally based entirely around the social aspect and will focus on selling an exclusive membership to a forum or other online community that discusses exciting and exclusive things. In other cases, the social aspect might be “tacked on” and might be an added bonus. Users will “also” gain access to the exclusive and VIP community.


In other scenarios, the social element is simply used as part of the sales technique and a lot of mention is made to the other buyers in the sales pitch. Read on and we’ll learn why this is so valuable and important.




One thing to recognize is that people love feeling like they belong to something and like they’re a part of a movement. This is exciting and is a way for them to find extra meaning in their lives even.


This is why it’s so important to describe your product not only as a product and to make sure your brand stands for something. You can even name your followers something – like “Fitness Army”. This makes people feel as though they are pledging allegiance and that can be a powerful tool. Better yet? Get them to pledge before they buy the product.


Social Influence


Another important factor here is the social influence. We are very easily swayed by what we see other people doing and we take it as one of the strongest signs of what we should be doing too.


So if you want to encourage people to sign up then simply talk about how many other people have already done so. Your audience won’t want to be “left out” so this can have a powerful impact.


Social Proof


Then there”s the matter of “social proof”. If you can convince someone that your product has been enjoyed by many other people, then they will be more likely to trust it and to give it a go themselves. Why do you think that businesses care so much about Trip Advisor?




Finally, people love to feel important, they love to feel special and they like anything that feels exclusive. If you describe your followers as elite and VIP, then people will want to join in simply so that they can be described in that way themselves!






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Most people who desire to earn their financial freedom steer clear of selling products that are expensive and high end.


If you stick to promoting low end and middle end products, there is no way you could earn as much as you want to.


However, if you could use your experience to sell expensively priced high end products, you would prosper!


In today’s special report you’ll discover…


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