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Emails Examples – PLR Techniques

HEADLINE: Using PLR For Research Purposes


Most people think of PLR, or Private Label Rights content as a way to “shortcut” the content creation stage. They use PLR for web content or as a product to sell. But the fact is, there is another very effective way to use PLR – for research. In this article, we’re going to look at some ways you can leverage it this way.


One of the most time-consuming parts of creating content is the research stage, particularly if it’s a topic that you’re not all that familiar with yourself. It can take quite a while to read up on the topic, figure out what the market is looking for and then outline the content itself.


PLR can shortcut this entire process for you, virtually altogether.


You see, when someone writes a PLR package, whether it’s a bunch of articles, a short report, an ebook or something else, they have to do the research themselves. Rather than looking at PLR as a shortcut to content creation, look at it as a shortcut to researching that content.


One thing that should be mentioned here is that this is all based on the assumption that you’re working with high-quality PLR. If you buy a bunch of junky articles, there may not be any real value in them for research purposes either.


You can look at a number of things to use as inspiration for your own original content:


  • Table of contents
  • The information contained within the PLR
  • The layout and structure


If your PLR includes a table of contents, that alone can save you hours by giving you a “ready-to-use” outline for your content. You could take that outline and use it to write your own original content, break it down into pieces that can be delivered over time through a membership site or even use it as the basis for a coaching program.


The information in the PLR is obviously very useful as well, since you can take that information and use it in various other ways, such as web content, email content, infoproducts and so on. This is most useful if you’re writing about a topic you’re not that familiar with personally, since it will all be ready for you to use.


The layout and structure of the PLR is also useful as a research tool. It can help get you started if you’re facing writer’s block, or you can even use it as a way to create a common “look and feel” across different related products.






HEADLINE: How To Find Your Competition When Using PLR


One of the main disadvantages of PLR is that multiple people can be using the same content. That means they could be competing with you for search engine rankings or even for buyers. Because of this fact, it pays to do a little searching to find your competition. In this article we’re going to look at several ways you can do that.


The primary resource you’re going to use for this is Google Search. You’re going to look for other marketers who are using the same PLR as you.


If you’re dealing with web content like articles, copy a unique sentence from the middle of the content and run an exact match search in Google. That means enclose the sentence in quotes, like this:


“This sentence is copied and pasted from the middle of the article somewhere.”


This will search for other instances of that exact sentence. Always try to use a sentence that wouldn’t be found in other articles if you can. For example, if you grabbed a sentence like “I closed the door” it’s quite likely it will show up in other content, not just your PLR.


If Google returns any results for your search, click through and read the article on those sites to see if it is in fact the same.


This same process can be used for a sales page if you’re selling an ebook or some other type of infoproduct. Simply copy and paste a unique sentence, or maybe a headline, from that page and see if Google returns any results.


If so, you can click through and see if it is the same product and if so, what it’s being sold for. You can even sign up for that marketer’s email list to see how they market to their list. This can be a great way to get ideas for additional backend products for your own sales funnel.


Another place you can search for competition is Tradebit is a marketplace where you can sell your digital products such as ebook and other info products. Search for the title of the PLR package on there to see if anyone else is selling it.


Many marketers selling on Tradebit sell as foolishly low prices and if that is happening it’s possible your potential customers could find those offers if they search for the title of your product.


The best solution for this problem is to customize your product so it isn’t immediately recognizable – a new title, new graphics and branding and so on. That way nobody will be able to find a cheaper competitor because as far as they’re concerned, you’re the only one selling it.






HEADLINE: 3 Disadvantages Of PLR Products – And What To Do About Them


PLR, or Private Label Rights products are a great way to get content for your websites, products to sell, graphics to use on your sites and various other things. They can save you a lot of time and effort compared to creating your own content from scratch. But there are some disadvantages to PLR content as well. In this article we’re going to look at the three biggest drawbacks.


Duplicate Content


The biggest problem with PLR is the fact that multiple people have the right to use the content as their own. This means that you’ll have competition, whether it’s for getting ranked in Google for articles on your website or selling a PLR ebook.


Some types of competition are more critical than others, particularly web content and getting ranked in the search engines. If a bunch of people all post the same articles to their websites, generally only one of them will get ranked in the search results. The rest will be considered duplicate content.


The easiest way to avoid this problem is to edit the PLR content to make it more unique. Rewrite articles you post on your website, change the graphics, title and other branding for an ebook you’re selling, etc.


Low Quality


Another problem with some PLR is the quality of the content. This one isn’t across the board by any means – there are plenty of PLR providers who offer high quality content – but it can be an issue in some cases. The last thing you want to do is offer something of questionable quality to your audience, whether they’re buying it from you or just reading it on your website.


The solution to this problem is to check the content before you use it. Read through it and make sure it isn’t poorly written and double-check the information itself for accuracy. If it’s in video or audio form, go through it before you use it to be sure the quality is acceptable.


Duplicate Purchases


If you’re selling a PLR product it’s possible that your customers could buy the same thing from two different marketers, particularly if one or both of you rebrand it so it isn’t recognizable as the same thing. This is more of an issue in markets like internet marketing where customers could be on several email lists that all wind up promoting the same thing.


The only real solution to this is to offer a money-back guarantee. If someone buys something from you and it turns out they bought the same thing in one form or another from someone else, you can simply refund their purchase.






HEADLINE: Deciphering PLR And Other Resale Rights


One of the things that most PLR sellers include with their content packs is a license that tells you exactly what you can and can’t do with the content. These rights are usually pretty straightforward, but they can get a little confusing sometimes. In this article, we’re going to look at a few things you should watch for.


The first thing you’ll want to determine is how and where you can sell and/or give away the PLR product. If there is no restriction on giving it away, you may have a harder time selling it – at least in its original form.


A lot of marketers will use PLR that can be given away as lead generation tools or for building an email list, so it can make it pretty tough for you to sell. This can be overcome fairly easily, however. Just customize the package enough that it isn’t identifiable when compared to the original (new graphics, rewritten sales page, etc.)


Some PLR sellers will also put a minimum selling price clause in their license. Frankly, these clauses don’t really hold any legal weight so you might still find people selling it for less, but for the most part people who buy it will abide by these rules.


Another important aspect of these licenses is what kind of rights can be passed on to your buyers. If you are able to pass along master resale or even private label rights, the product can get saturated pretty quickly.


This is more of a problem in the internet marketing niche, where many of the buyers would turn around and offer it to their own lists if they receive those rights. Ideally, you want to avoid products that let you pass along either master resale rights (MRR) or private label rights (PLR) unless you’re planning to make some changes to it so it’s more unique.


If you’re getting PLR from a monthly membership, check to see if you’re able to continue using it if you cancel your membership. Some of the licenses on these sites only let you use the content as long as you’re a paying member. If that’s the case and you cancel, you would have to stop using or selling the PLR which could be a significant problem.


Most PLR sellers display the rights up front so you can see what you can and can’t do before you buy. If they don’t, it’s always a good idea to check before buying in case there’s a limitation that you’re not comfortable with.






HEADLINE: Are Limited PLR Licenses Really That Important?


A limited PLR license means that only a certain number will be sold, after which the product will no longer be available. These limits can range from a handful to several hundred sold. In this article we’re going to look at how important this is to your potential success.


The biggest advantage a limited license offers is the fact that you know how much competition you could potentially have. If there are only 100 licenses being offered, that’s the absolute maximum number of other people who could be using the same content.


And the fact is, a large percentage of the people who buy the PLR will never do anything with it, so you’re really dealing with a lot fewer competitors than it might seem.


PLR that’s sold with no limits on the number of licenses, however, can continue to be sold for months or even years. Provided you’re one of the early buyers, this may not be that big a problem, but if you come across it after any number of other marketers could have already picked it up and used it in various ways, it can impact your results.


Typically, the more expensive the PLR package is, the more important it is to have a limited number of licenses. The reason for this is the percentage of buyers who will actually turn around and implement it is much higher when they’re paying more for the rights, especially if they’re in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


In that case, the fewer licenses offered the better.


Another factor that can make a big difference in the number of people using the PLR is what kind of rights the buyers are allowed to transfer to other people. If you buy a PLR package that lets you pass along resale or master resale rights, you could potentially have many more people selling it even though they don’t technically have full private label rights.


In this case, you would want to do some kind of customization to make your offer unique. If you change it enough that your potential customers wouldn’t recognize it as the same as someone else’s offer, it will go a long way towards making any competition irrelevant.


In general, if you have a choice between a limited number of licenses or an unlimited number, the limited license is the better choice. Don’t let that stop you from picking up PLR that has no limit on the number sold, just be aware that you may have to do more work to make it unique.






HEADLINE: 5 Step Guide To Making Money From PLR


Most people who buy PLR never actually get around to implementing it. Instead, it just sits on their hard drive collecting “digital dust.” If that sounds familiar, don’t worry – we’re going to look at a simple five step process for taking a PLR package and getting it up and selling.


  1. Customization


One of the drawbacks to PLR is that everyone who buys it gets exactly the same content. If ten other people use the “stock” sales page and graphics, they’re all going to look identical. Which usually means they wind up competing on price and it becomes a “race to the bottom.”


Instead, get some new graphics made for it, tweak the sales letter (especially the headline and subheadlines) and make it “look” like something different. This makes it much harder to compare directly to another offer, taking price out of the equation to some degree.


  1. Set Up A Website


The next stage is to get the sales page, download page and any other pages included with the package uploaded to your hosting account and ready to start taking sales. You could register a new domain for the site, but don’t get hung up on it. It’s better to sell it from an existing site and actually have it selling than to wait until you find the “perfect” domain.


  1. Order Processing


You’ll need some sort of order processor to process your customers’ payments and forward them on to the download page after they buy. There are lots of options:


  • Clickbank
  • 1ShoppingCart
  • Nanacast
  • Paypal
  • Paydotcom


Don’t overanalyze this step. If you have a shopping cart system in place already, by all means use it but if not you can just set up a simple Paypal payment button. Again, having something up and running and taking orders will be infinitely more profitable than waiting until you find the “right” solution.


  1. Connect To Your Autoresponder


You should always build a list of buyers for anything you sell, and PLR is no different. Set up an email list in Aweber or whatever service you prefer and put an opt-in box on the download page (or integrate it with your shopping cart if that’s an option).


If you use an opt-in box on the download page, offer a bonus of some sort for opting in to improve your conversion rates.


  1. Send Traffic To The Sales Page


Once the delivery system is set up, it’s time to send some traffic to the sales page and start taking orders. There are lots of ways to do this:


  • Send a promo to your existing email list
  • Add it to your signature on market-related forums
  • Post it to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites






HEADLINE: 3 Ways To Repurpose PLR Content


PLR, or Private Label Rights content can save you a lot of time and effort but if you use it as-is, you’re leaving money on the table. In this article we’re going to look at three ways you can repurpose your PLR content to get even more value out of it.


Before we get into the three strategies, let’s just discuss why using it in its original format isn’t ideal. The main reason is because everybody else who buys the rights to that content can also use it. So if you use it without changing anything, you’ll have more competition, whether it’s to sell the product or to use it as web content.


If you can differentiate your PLR in a way that makes it unique, you won’t have to worry about that competition – your product will be different than everybody else who bought the rights.


The first way you can repurpose PLR is to convert it into a different format entirely. If you have a PLR ebook or report, why not record and audio or video version of it? This can add value to the overall package and it makes it much more effective for both a sellable product and web content, since audio and video will be much less likely to get tagged as “duplicate” content.


Another effective way to repurpose PLR content is to bundle several complementary packages together into a single larger package. Again, when you do it this way you’re distancing yourself from all the other people who just sell it in its original format.


Plus, by bundling several PLR packages into one larger offer, you can sell it for more money and make more profit.


The third method of repurposing PLR is to convert it into a membership or even a coaching program. If the topic of the PLR works for a membership or coaching offer that will be delivered over a period of time, you can break it up into separate modules and that content can form the basis of your membership.


This also works well if you are bundling several PLR packages into a single offer. There’s no reason you couldn’t deliver them on a pre-defined schedule, allowing you to collect recurring payments from your members.


While PLR is a big time saver, it can be much more profitable if you put a little extra effort into increasing the value. These things don’t have to take a huge amount of time, but the time they do take will pay off many times over.






HEADLINE: 3 Simple Ways To Make A PLR Package Unique


Probably the most important factor for being successful with PLR (private label rights) products is customizing it in one or more ways to make it unique. If your audience can’t identify it as being the same offer as another marketer who also picked up the rights, you won’t need to worry about competition so much. In this article we’re going to look at 3 ways you can make your PLR more unique.




Probably the easiest way to make it unique to your visitors’ eyes is to create new graphics for it. That means new ecovers and sales page graphics in the case of an ebook or other info product, new headers or theme graphics for website templates, etc.


You can do this yourself if you’re comfortable with graphic design or you can outsource it. Sites like and the Warriors For Hire section on the Warrior Forum have plenty of people who do this type of work for relatively low cost. The few dollars you spend on new graphics can pay you back many times over.




Another way you can customize your PLR is by repurposing the content into other formats. You could create a video and/or audio version of an ebook, for example. These types of changes can add a lot of value to a package and if someone is comparing your offer to another marketer who is selling the same PLR, that additional content will usually convince them to buy from you.


You could even go a step further and create a “home study course” out of a digital product. Videos can be transferred onto DVD, ebooks turned into hardcopy books and so on. This will often take a package that might sell for $27-47 in digital form and make it into one that can sell for $197-297 in physical form.




Bundling several PLR packages together into a larger, more complete offer can also be quite effective. They should be related to the same general topic, and ideally they would complement each other in some way.


This is more than just offering another package as a “bonus” mind you – it’s really combining two or more PLR packages into a single larger package that covers a wider range of information.


Of course, you can also combine two or all three of these ideas to really make your offer unique. If you combine two or three PLR packs into a single product, have new website graphics made and then offer an upsell for a physical version, you can make some serious money.






HEADLINE: Using PLR To Build Membership Sites


PLR (Private Label Rights) content typically comes in the form of articles or an ebook but there’s no reason you can’t use that content as the basis for a recurring income membership site. In this article we’re going to look at some strategies for doing just that.


The first thing you need to keep in mind is that a membership site is really just another form of content. But instead of delivering it all at once, such as with an ebook, you’re “drip feeding” it out to your members over a period of time.


If the topic of your PLR lends itself to being delivered in pieces, it could make an excellent basis for a membership site. You would simply break it up into components that would fit together logically, and then add it to a membership site over time.


For example, if you picked up a PLR ebook that outlines a 30 day plan for building an email list, you could break it down into weekly or even daily components and send those pieces out to your subscribers.


These membership sites could run on a platform like WordPress with a membership plugin added or they could be as simple as each new piece of content getting sent out by autoresponder to all your members.


Another way you can use PLR with a membership site is to add it as a bonus to the regular content.


For example, if you were running an internet marketing related membership site, you could pick up PLR packages that would be of interest to your subscribers and then add them to the membership as free bonuses. Doing this on a monthly basis can help to keep your members active, and paying you the monthly fee for longer.


Another effective use for PLR when it comes to membership sites is for inspiration and research purposes. The person who wrote the PLR in the first place did a lot of your work for you, in fact. They outlined the topic, figured out what order to put it in and various other things.


Assuming you’re working with high quality PLR, you can use that research to shortcut having to do it yourself. You can get ideas for things to write about yourself simply by seeing what the PLR author wrote about (and in what order).


Take that outline and even the content itself and use it to form the basic structure of your membership site. You can always tweak it however you see fit, but this gives you a starting point to work from.






HEADLINE: Where To Buy High Quality PLR


There are a ton of PLR suppliers around, with prices ranging from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. If you want to ensure you’re getting the highest quality PLR possible, there are several places you should look. In this article, we’re going to address several of them.


High-End PLR Sellers


There are some PLR sellers who specialize in higher-end packages, sometimes even products of their own that they’re offering a limited number of PLR licenses for. This is done in the internet marketing niche more often than any others, but if you’re working in that niche it can be a great way to get a very good product that may even have a bit of history behind it.


Once you buy from these sellers, you’ll generally be added to their email list so you’ll get early notification when future packages are released. But if you haven’t bought anything, it’s still a good idea to get on their email list because you’ll see what’s new when they release it.


One of the secrets to success with PLR products is to implement them as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the more competition you’ll have, so it is helpful to get early warning when new packages are released.


PLR Memberships


PLR memberships are another good place to get PLR content, but there are a couple of things to look for.


First, see how long the membership has been running. If a PLR membership has been around for a couple of years, chances are it’s going to continue to be around for a while. A brand-new membership is not always as reliable, because many PLR sellers start out with great intentions but find it hard to continue to supply good content month after month.


That’s not to say that new memberships are bad, just that you should be aware of this potential problem.


PLR Stores


There are a number of PLR stores that sell article packs, ebooks and various other types of private label rights content. Much like with memberships, you’ll want to check out the reputation of the seller before you buy anything.


Even just searching for reviews in Google can give you an idea of how good the PLR is. But if you can’t find anything, always start with a small purchase to “test the waters” before you buy a whole bunch of stuff.






Subject: FREE Special Report! Download 43 Tactics to Turn PLR into Cash Machines


One of the toughest parts of running an online business is the need to keep generating useful, high-quality content for your newsletters, ezines, videos, audios, and blogs.


Thank goodness, there’s a tool to make this constant content generation easier – PLR, or Private Label Rights.


As you’ll discover when you purchase PLR content, you get the legal right to use it in your business in a variety of formats.


When used well, PLR is an information marketer’s dream come true… but when done poorly, it can cost you more time and money than it’s worth.


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