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Emails Examples – Start a Membership

HEADLINE: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Membership Site


Membership sites are one of the best online business models that you can use. There are many different types of membership sites that you can start so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make them part of your Internet marketing strategy. Reselling information to your market on a monthly basis is a smart way to go!


  1. Monthly recurring income.


This is one of the most popular benefits of starting a membership site. When you build a membership site you’ll have 100, 200 or even 500 members paying you on a monthly basis for your information. Imagine the possibilities! With a $15 monthly membership fee, you could be looking at a $7500 a month just for one site. If you provide more content and charge a higher price for your membership site, you could be earning well over six figures a year for your site.


  1. Affiliates promoting for you


Affiliates love membership sites. If they have a choice between recurring monthly income and a one-time ebook sale in the same niche, they are going to spend their time promoting the membership site. They are looking for the same type of recurring income that you are. You can easily set up your affiliate program through Clickbank, 2checkout or Paydotcom. Promote your affiliate program to your members and super affiliates to get more sales.


  1. Niche dominance


No other platform allows you to have widespread coverage on a niche the way that a membership site does. Within the gates of your membership site, you can offer a wide variety of content. In addition to articles and short reports, you can do teleconferences, videos and interviews. The more content you put into your membership site and the more members you have, the more your content and your recommendations will be respected within the niche. There’s no faster way to brand yourself as an expert within your niche than by creating a membership site. All your future content and products in the niche will have a lot more clout.


  1. Backend sales opportunities


The income from a membership site doesn’t stop with the monthly membership fees. There are plenty of opportunities to make additional income from your site. You can sell private tutoring, advanced products and platinum memberships. You can also repackage part of the content used in your membership site and sell it as an independent product. You can sell advertising as well to boost the profitability of your membership site.


  1. It’s never been easier!


It has never been easier to run a membership site, especially if you don’t have any technical expertise. It used to be that you would need the help of a web programmer to get a membership site set up properly. Thanks to easy to use content management systems like WordPress and membership site scripts that will make security easy, you can have your membership site set up within a matter of hours. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t start one today.






HEADLINE: 7 Ways to Find Ideas for Your Next Membership Site


Launching a successful membership site can be a daunting task. However, finding the right idea for your site is the first step towards success. Here are seven ways to find ideas for your next membership site:


  1. Personal: Start by brainstorming your own life. Make a list of hobbies, interests, and activities that you and your family members are passionate about. This list could provide a goldmine of ideas for your membership site.
  2. Products: Keep an eye on “product launches” in your niche. Ebook and video course creators do a lot of niche market research to create their products. You can piggyback on their research to find ideas for your site. Subscribe to email lists in your potential market to watch for product launches.
  3. Peruse: Visit to find a comprehensive list of existing electronic products that are selling well. Search through the marketplace to find out what topics your market is interested in learning about. You’ll be able to find new market ideas, content to fill your site, as well as affiliate offers to create some backend sales.
  4. Popularity:’s best-seller list can be a great resource for finding membership site ideas. The bestseller lists in various categories will help you see what topics are popular. You can easily gather membership site ideas from these lists.
  5. Pulse: Forums are the pulse of your market. Track down some popular forums in your potential market and spend some time browsing through the topics. Pay close attention to the FAQs section and the threads that have a lot of activity. These are indicators of the kinds of topics that might serve as a topic for your next membership site.
  6. Periodicals: Visit to find membership site ideas. If a market has a buying audience, there is probably a magazine out there dedicated to it. On, you can search by category to find membership site ideas.
  7. Problems: Yahoo groups are a great resource for finding problems in the market that aren’t currently being met by other products. Subscribe to a few groups in your potential market to look for ideas.


By following these simple outlets, you are sure to find a great idea for your next membership site. If you want a major shortcut, consider joining Once you join, you’ll receive a confidential report with the top 20 specific ideas for hot membership site topics, along with detailed explanations of each. Plus, you’ll learn how to set up a membership site in as little as 48 hours.


Remember, finding the right idea is just the first step. With determination, hard work, and a commitment to delivering value to your members, you can turn your idea into a thriving membership site.




HEADLINE: Your Membership Site Startup Checklist


Starting a membership site is easier than you think. Although there are a lot of requirements involved, you can breeze through them all with this simple checklist. Once you get through this list, you’ll be in a prime position to launch your own membership site and start gathering consistent monthly income from it.


  • Domain name


Your first step is to get a domain name. Use the most popular keywords in your niche and add a community-oriented suffix like “club,” “group,” or “team.” For example, your weight loss membership site could be hosted at


  • Website


Your website design will have a big impact on how your members use your website and how often they come back. You’ll need a welcome page, a blog, a downloads page, and perhaps a forum, depending on the nature of your membership site. If you want the best look for your membership site, consider hiring a professional designer who can give you a consistent look from start to finish.


  • Sales letter


Your sales letter should convince visitors why they should join your membership site. Some would consider it to be the most important part of your site because it gets people through the door. The sales letter needs to emphasize the benefits of your membership site as well as mentioning the features. Build desire to become part of the “in crowd” within the membership site and you’ll make the decision easy for them.


  • Order Processor


You won’t make any money with your membership site unless you have this set up properly. While many people use PayPal to process their monthly subscriptions, you can also use Clickbank, Paydotcom, or Ejunkie to process payments. These three options are your best choices if you want to have an affiliate program for your membership site.


  • Membership Site Script


A membership site script will keep your website secure. The script will build a registration form into your site, allowing paying members to sign up and access the site. It will also keep visitors from accessing your content without paying. Thanks to membership site scripts, you don’t have to hire a coder to set up a custom script for you.


  • Autoresponder program


You’ll want to keep in touch with your members and let them know what is going on inside the site. Using an autoresponder e-mail list is a great way to keep people active on the site. You can send out a new message each time there is a content update, or you can e-mail a weekly newsletter. Place an opt-in box on the welcome page that members get to after they’ve successfully subscribed.


  • Startup Content


Before you launch your site, you should have several articles, reports, and other forms of content available for your members to enjoy. If you plan on having a certain amount of updates per month, you should have at least twice as much content when you start. This way, the members know that they’ll be getting quality from you in the future. Write the content yourself or have a ghostwriter do it for you.


  • Editorial Schedule


Just like traditional newspapers, your membership site needs an editorial calendar. You don’t want to scramble around each month trying to get your content together. Plan ahead at least a few months of content and get it prepared before you need to post it.


By following these steps, you’ll be ready to promote your membership site and start earning monthly income.




HEADLINE: 7 Must Ask Questions When Choosing a Membership Script


A membership site script will help make running a membership site very easy. Most scripts allow you to securely set up a website so that non-members can’t access your private content. There are many different membership site scripts available. Before you purchase a membership script, look for answers to the following questions on the script’s website. If you can’t find an answer, it’s best to look elsewhere.


  1. Does the membership script have a satisfaction guarantee?


Study the sales page for the membership script carefully to find a satisfaction guarantee. When a creator of a script includes this, you can buy the script confidently knowing that if you have trouble later you can file a refund request. If the script doesn’t function the way the creator promised, you’ll be able to get your money back. Reputable product creators understand this and will display this clearly on their sales page.


  1. Does the script come with an instant use website template?


Your membership site building process will go a lot easier if your script comes with a website template. The website template will allow you to set up the script and the basis for your website within just a matter of hours. You can normally edit the template with your own custom header and icon.


  1. Does the membership script offer automatic activation for paid accounts?


Once someone pays for their membership to your website, they’ll want to login right away. That’s why it’s so important that your membership site script offers automatic processing for member sign ups. This way the new members are automatically transferred to the login page, allowed to login and automatically activated to gain access to the site.


  1. Does the script immediately send a welcome e-mail to new members?


Many scripts offer this helpful option that allows you to build rapport with your new members immediately. A welcome e-mail will help make your new members confident about their purchase and introduce them to the major features of the website. This should be a standard feature on the membership script that you purchase.


  1. Does the script allow for an affiliate program structure within the site?


A lot of membership scripts will let you easily set up a multi-tier affiliate program within the site so you don’t have to use a third party affiliate program. If you’re planning on implementing an affiliate commission structure (and you should be!) this is an important feature to look for. Using a built in affiliate commissions structure will make your affiliate processing super simple.


  1. Does the memberships script integrate with popular payment sites?


You’ll save a lot of time and energy by finding a membership script that works with PayPal or other major payment processors. If you find a membership script that does this, you’ll be able to get started all the more quickly.


  1. Do the script creators offer ongoing support?


A membership script is totally worthless unless it is working properly. When you make an investment in a script, make sure that you can get the support you need so that your site can make you money. Look for promises of ongoing support on the sales page or reviews from current customers that prove the membership script creators follow through with those who purchase their product.






HEADLINE: 5 Quick Tips for Membership Site Success


Membership sites provide an excellent opportunity to earn recurring income online. Whether you are planning to start your own site or already have one, the following tips can help you achieve success with your membership site. These tips will assist you in streamlining your content creation process, attracting affiliates to promote your site, and acquiring new members.


  1. Consider outsourcing content creation


The success of your membership site depends on the quality of the content you provide each month. If you want to save time on content creation, consider hiring a ghostwriter to provide your site with articles, reports, and blog posts. By outsourcing this task, you can focus on your strengths, such as promotion, rather than struggling with writing. Outsourcing also ensures that you have professional content that adds value to your site, even if you are not an expert on the topic.


  1. Invest in professional graphics


Studies have shown that high-quality graphics can compensate for average content. This does not mean that you should produce subpar content, but it does mean that your site’s appearance can significantly impact its success. You do not need overly fancy graphics, but your site should look professional to attract customers. If you are not skilled in graphics design, consider hiring a website designer to give your site the professional look it needs. You may even be able to barter with a designer for free graphics by offering a free membership to your site.


  1. Offer two or more levels of membership


Offering different levels of membership can help you attract a wider customer base. You can accommodate people who may not be able to afford a higher price point by offering a lower tier membership, while still having the opportunity to charge a higher monthly fee for those who want the added benefits of being in the top tier. To encourage more sign-ups, consider offering a free membership level, a silver level, and a gold level.


  1. Utilize a blog to promote your membership site


Creating and maintaining a blog outside of your membership site can help you build traffic and increase your presence in your niche. You can create your blog as part of your main website or on a completely different domain. Write about popular topics in your membership site’s forum and provide teasers about the content that members receive. By giving quality content and promoting your membership site, you will create credibility and attract new members.


  1. Add video content to your membership site


Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular online. You can be a part of this growing trend by adding video content to your membership site. Almost anything that can be expressed in writing can be made into a video. Whether you use traditional video where you talk in front of the camera or screen capture technology like Camtasia, you can offer top-quality content for your members through this medium.


By implementing these five tips, you can increase the success of your membership site and attract new members. Remember to focus on creating quality content, offer different levels of membership, promote your site through blogging, and consider using video content to add value to your site.




HEADLINE: 5 Ways to Generate Backend Income from Your Membership Site


Many people mistakenly believe that their membership site income only comes from the monthly subscriptions they receive. However, there are several different ways to generate backend income from your membership site. Here are some ideas to help you turn your site into a profit-pulling machine.


  1. Promote affiliate offers


Affiliate marketing works really well within the membership site model because you’ve built up trust with your audience. They’ve seen your monthly content and know that you offer quality. They will trust your recommendations because you’ve provided good content in the past. Choose affiliate offers that tie directly into popular topics within your membership site. E-books, video courses, and short reports will add value for your members and boost your backend sales. Send an email to your membership site members with good content and a link to the recommended product.


  1. Sell advertising


You can charge a small fee per month to existing members or outside advertisers to display their text ads or display ads on your site. You can display advertising in the sidebars and just under the header of your membership site. Search for advertising directories to list the advertising space and add the offer to your signature file in forums that you visit. You’ll start to see advertising dollars start to roll in the more you publicize the offer.


  1. Offer personalized coaching


No matter how much instruction you provide inside the membership forum, there will always be people who will want something a bit more hands-on. You can offer exclusive one-on-one coaching for members who want that extra help. You can charge this as a one-time fee or as an additional monthly subscription (like a membership site within a membership site). Alternatively, you can offer teleconference calls for membership site members for a small additional fee.


  1. Sell your own advanced products


There are bound to be topics within your membership site that deserve special attention. You can generate backend sales by creating products around these topics and offering them to your members. For example, if you’re running a membership site on weight loss, you can create a special report on the best exercises to do to blast through a weight loss plateau. Offer this at a special price to your members. You can also sell the same report at a higher price to non-members to drive traffic back to your website to grow your membership.


  1. Turn membership site content into individual products


Once you’ve built up a good amount of content within your site, you can start using the content for other purposes. Package up your articles on a specific topic and sell them as a special report. You can even sell resell rights to the report so that your membership site’s name and link are distributed widely around the internet. You can do this with several different sections of your website to make some backend income and get new members for your website.


By using one or several of these techniques, you can create several streams of income from your membership site and attract new members. Remember to focus on providing value to your members and building trust with them. With time, you can build a thriving membership site that generates both front-end and backend income.




HEADLINE: Your Weekly To-Do List for Your Membership Site


Once your membership site is up and running, you need to stay on a weekly maintenance schedule to keep your site fresh, promote it, and grow your affiliate program. Fortunately, there are just a few simple steps you need to take on a weekly basis to keep your membership site moving forward.


  1. Respond to customer support questions


Customer satisfaction is key to retaining members. Responding to customer support questions should be your top priority. Try to get to this at least twice a week so that you can respond promptly to their inquiries.


  1. Remove canceled members


Most membership scripts require you to manually remove canceled members from your database. Take care of this quickly each week to ensure that only paying members have access to your site.


  1. Post new content


Your members expect fresh content delivered each month. Rather than waiting for the end of the month to add new updates, split up your monthly delivery into four different parts. This way, members can enjoy fresh content each and every week. An editorial calendar can help you stay on track and keep your customers satisfied. If you have a forum as part of your membership site, check in several times a week to stay on top of important threads and respond to questions from members. Be present, and your members will see that you are dedicated to helping them.


  1. Poll your subscribers


Your membership site’s success depends on giving your members exactly what they want. You can keep your finger on the pulse of the market by offering a weekly poll. Ask your members about their favorite parts of the site, what they’d like to see next, and their biggest problems with the topic or anything else that you would like to know. Doing this on a weekly basis will give you valuable feedback.


  1. Send out a “wrap-up” email newsletter


Towards the end of the week, send a short email newsletter to your subscribers to let them know what happened in the site. Many people sign up for a membership site, forget why they did it, and then unsubscribe a few months later. With an email newsletter, you can remind your members of what is going on within the site and encourage them to come back, see the new content, and get involved.


  1. Write and distribute an article on your membership site’s topic


Promote your membership site through article marketing. At the beginning of every month, brainstorm a list of four to six different topics that you will write about that month. Write one to two articles per week and distribute them to a few key article directories. The whole process should not take more than an hour per week, and it will be well worth it.


  1. Make new connections on social networking sites


Spend some time each week finding and connecting with people in your market on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other relevant platforms. Use search terms related to your niche and add new people as friends. This will help build your circle of influence and get potential new members to your site.


By following this weekly to-do list, you can keep your membership site fresh and engaging for your members, promote it effectively, and grow your affiliate program.




HEADLINE: 7 Mistakes That Can Doom Your Membership Site


Creating a membership site is a savvy business decision, but only if it’s done correctly. Every month, dozens of people start membership sites, only to shut them down a few months later. Often, a failed site ruins their reputation because they didn’t deliver what they promised to members. In other cases, they picked the wrong topic to begin with. Here are the top seven mistakes that you can make with a membership site and how to avoid them.


  1. Choosing the Wrong Topic


A membership site needs a broad customer base. Your topic should be specialized but not so narrow that you can’t attract new members consistently. Unlike a short report or niche site, your membership site topic must be large enough that you can produce fresh content every month. Pick a topic that many people are interested in, but that also has the potential for evergreen content.


  1. Not Actively Contributing Content


Members of your site are looking for fresh content every month. You need to give this to them, or they’ll unsubscribe in droves. Develop an editorial schedule so you know precisely what you’ll deliver each month. This will help you stay on track. Base your editorial schedule on the benefits that you promised in your sales letter, and you’ll have happy, satisfied customers who will stick around for month after month.


  1. Not Taking the Time to Craft a Good Sales Letter


Your sales letter is your 24/7 salesperson. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive to your membership site if your sales letter isn’t doing its job. If you don’t trust your copywriting skills, hire a professional writer. The investment will be worth it as you see higher conversions and more members on your site.


  1. Not Marketing for New Customers


You should always have new members joining your membership site, but the only way to do that is to market your site continually. Conduct pay-per-click campaigns, distribute article marketing articles, and use social networking to drive more traffic to your site. Work this into your weekly plans so that you can keep the flow of new members consistent.


  1. Not Being Accessible


When you start a membership site, your members are looking for a lot of attention and care. Most of this will come in the form of an easy-to-use site with quality content. But you should also make it a point to be accessible through email or a helpdesk function. There’s a high level of trust involved in a membership site, so make sure you’re there for your members.


  1. Not Looking for Opportunities for Backend Sales


Opportunities for backend sales exist in many different places in your membership site. You can sell advertising space within the site or create a platinum level of membership with special coaching. Just because the members are paying a monthly fee doesn’t mean they won’t be willing to pay for extra information on the site’s topic.


  1. Not Taking Steps to Increase Retention


If you’re concentrating on getting members but aren’t worried about keeping them, you have a recipe for disaster on your hands. It takes much more effort to get a new member than it does to keep one that you’ve already got. By posting consistent content, offering polls, running contests, and getting involved in the community on your membership site, you’ll be able to hold onto the members you have.


In conclusion, creating a successful membership site requires strategic planning and consistent effort. Avoid these seven mistakes, and you’ll be well on your way to building a thriving community of loyal members.




HEADLINE: Top 10 Ways to Promote Any Membership Site


You can build the best membership site in the world but if you don’t promote it, you won’t make any money from your best laid plans. The following tips will keep the traffic flowing to your website and your income growing by leaps and bounds. No matter what type of membership site you have, you’ll be sure to find some inspiration in these tips.


  1. Article marketing


Article marketing is by far one of the most accessible forms of online marketing. Research the top keywords for your niche, write a quality article and distribute it to a few top article directories like It doesn’t get any simpler than that!


  1. Affiliates


When you’re running a membership site, affiliates can be your best allies in getting new members. An affiliate program that pays well and that offers affiliates tools like articles, solo ads and e-mail messages will attract top affiliates and bring you new customers. Register your membership site with Clickbank to reach a wide pool of affiliates.


  1. JV Partners


Unlike affiliates, JV partners get a special level of commission by promoting your membership site. They’ll run special promotions for your membership site when it launches and get you some of your first members to your site.


  1. Pay per click ads


Running a successful pay per click campaign can bring you a lot of targeted traffic to your sales page. Choose the right keywords, craft an attractive ad and you’ll have lots of new members.


  1. Social marketing


Sites like Facebook and Twitter can offer you lots of opportunities to connect with your niche market and get new potential members. Start a profile for your membership site and search for friends who are interested in your niche.


  1. Yahoo Answers


This website is a good place to find questions that people are asking related to your niche. Search through the open questions a few times a week and provide helpful answers. Use your membership site link in the resource area to drive targeted traffic back to your site.


  1. Forum marketing


If you already participate in a forum related to your niche, this will be an easy way to promote your site. Add a link to your membership site in your forum signature file. Each time you post, your sales page link will be promoted.


  1. Viral reports


Write a short report on a popular topic within your niche. Solve a major problem or provide a plan of action for your niche. Include lots of links back to your site within the report. Allow others to distribute it for free and your membership site link will get in front of thousands of potential subscribers.


  1. Reviews


Contact bloggers and other product creators to give them free access to your membership site in exchange for a review. Theyĺ ll offer their opinion of the site to their readers and you’ll get lots of new traffic into the site. You can also find paid reviews sites that put you in connection with bloggers who will review your site for a small fee.


  1. Blog comments


Search for blogs in your niche and post insightful comments from time to time. Use your membership site link in your blog comment and you’ll get some new visitors to your site.






HEADLINE: How to Sell a Membership Site for Big Bucks


A membership site is a great way to get consistent monthly income but it can bring you even more money if you sell it after it’s been established for several months. By doing all the groundwork for a membership site, you can sell your website to someone who wants to take it to the next level. When you follow these simple steps, you can be ready to sell your first website within a matter of months.


  1. Start with a profitable idea


The future buyer of your membership site will do a lot of market research to make sure the site will be profitable. You need to do the same. Start by looking for a profitable market using Clickbank, Amazon’s best sellers list and other niche market research techniques. Be sure to check out the existing competition and pick a membership site topic where you can quickly gain dominance.


  1. Register a new PayPal email address


Your future site transfer will go a whole lot easier if you have a separate PayPal email address to collect memberships. If you have the new memberships go to your existing address, you’ll have to have all the subscribers unsubscribe and then re-subscribe to the new owner’s PayPal email address. By setting up a separate PayPal email address, you’ll increase the likelihood of keeping subscribers with the new owner.


  1. Install Google analytics


Google analytics is a free tracking program that will tell potential buyers all about the traffic that your website is receiving. Register for the service and install the code onto your web pages from the first day you start the site. You’ll have a nice history of your site’s traffic to show the buyers as well as proof that you’re receiving the daily visits that you claim you are.


  1. Create a few months of content


Get your membership started with a month of content and have a second month ready to add. If you want to add more money to your bottom line, add a few additional months of content and include them with your sales price. This will give the new owner plenty to work with once the site transfer takes place.


  1. Drive traffic to the site


Use article marketing, pay per click campaigns and viral reports to start building traffic to the website. With a great sales letter, you’ll have your first subscribers in no time. Continue the traffic building techniques for the entire time the site is under your control.


  1. Prepare your site to sell


Once you’ve gotten a good amount of members into the website and feel you’re ready to sell, gather together your traffic data and post an ad. Webmaster forums like Sitepoint and Digital Point Marketplace are some of the best places to sell your site. Browse through the existing listings to get a sense of what works and what doesn’t. Pay attention to the starting prices for auctions and price your site accordingly. Be sure to answer all buyer questions and be prepared to collect a big payout for your hard work!






Subject: FREE Special Report! 16-Step Blueprint to Create Your First Automated Membership


Making your first sale online is a great experience. For the first time you’ve proved to yourself that you can make money other than working at a job like every other ordinary person.


It also proves that you’re able to scale up and expand and even automate the entire process.


Selling products for a one-time payment IS great. However the membership model is far superior.


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