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Snapchat Ad Creation Checklist

Account Setup

  • Set up a Snapchat Ad account
  • Install your Snapchat Pixel (under Events Manager in top left menu)

Ad Setup

  • Login to the Snapchat Ads platform
  • Click “Create Ads” in the top left dropdown menu
  • Select the “Instant Create” option
  • Choose an advertising objective (see the next page for more details about each objective)
  • Upload video(s) or photo(s) and design your ad
  • Enter your ad text (brand name, headline, CTA, caption (optional), logo (optional)
  • Select your demographic and location targeting (Click “Show Advanced Targeting” for interest, device, and custom audience options)
  • Enter your budget, bidding, and ad duration
  • Enter your payment information or choose an existing payment method.
  • Publish your ad (you won’t be charged until the ad is approved and starts running)

Snapchat Advertising Objectives

Website Visits

  • Enter the URL you want Snapchatters to visit (be strategic, don’t just use your homepage!)
  • Check the box to allow Snapchat to import photos from your site (optional, but it can make ad creation easier/faster)
  • If you have the Snapchat Pixel installed, you may have the option to use goal-based bidding for specific pixel events (this is later in the setup process)

Promote Local Place

  • Search for and select your business name*
  • Verify that the business information displayed is correct (manual changes to this info will need to be approved by Snapchat)
  • Check the box to allow Snapchat to import photos from your site (optional, but it can make ad creation easier/faster)
  • Set an ad targeting radius based on your business location (optional)

If your business doesn’t come up in the search function, that means it’s not part of the Maps database yet. Snapchat isn’t currently adding new businesses but says they expect to offer that option in the future.

Calls and Texts

  • Choose whether you want people to Call or Text your business
  • Select a saved phone number or enter a new one (if you add a new one you’ll need to verify by call or text before you can use it in an ad)
  • If you selected the “Text My Business” option, choose one of the pre-populated messages for Snapchatters to send to you
  • If you selected “Text My Business” your ad creative must include the following disclaimer: “Standard message and data rates may apply”

App Installs

  • Choose iOS or Android
  • Search for and select your app in the dropdown menu (this will populate your app name, icon, and ID)

App Visits

  • Enter your app name
  • Upload your app icon or choose one from your Media Library
  • Choose which platforms your app is available on (iOS/Android)
  • Enter the universal or deep link for your app
  • Choose a fallback if the user doesn’t have your app already installed
    • App install – redirects to your app in the App Store
    • Web page – redirects to a specified webpage
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